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Course Details

Course Options & Rates:

  • English on Vacation (5 day option)2 to 3 hours of English classes each morning plus 1 nature or history tour - $500
  • English on Vacation (10 day option) 2 hour of English classes each morning plus 2 tours (1 history/nature, 1 Bahamian cuisine) $1000
  • English on Vacation (Luxury option) - contact for more details
  • English on Vacation (Out Island option) - contact for more details
  • Intensive English (for residents) - Intensive English (for residents) - 10 hours a week - $500
  • Easy English (for residents) - Easy English (for residents) - 5 hours a week - $250


                                                            **New Offerings**
Business/Social English Intensive

Only in The Bahamas for a quick business trip?  Brush up on your English language skills with ESL Bahamas.  During one hour of English instruction a day during your stay in Nassau, Freeport or Abaco, you will see an improvement in fluency and confidence.

Focus on Pronunciation
This short course is all about adding professionalism and polish to your spoken and written English, refining your English skills for the business setting and accent reduction. 

Aviation and Medical English
For those working in the aviation or medical industries who need brushing up on the vocabulary and expressions specific to their industry this is the perfect course!  Intensive for Visitors or Weekly for Residents.  Courses are customised to the suit the level and particular requirements of the students. 

All new students are asked to complete this form:

Pre-Assessment Questionnaire

Name: Telephone:

Address: Email:

1. What are your main reasons for improving your English?

2. In what settings will you be using English? egs business, social, travel. List them in order of importance.

3. What is your native language? What other languages do you speak?

4. What do you consider your level of English to be (ie beginner, intermediate, advanced)?

What are your weakest areas in English? Egs. written, spoken, listening comprehension.

5. What are your interests/extracurricular activities? Egs. athletics, reading, art.

What are your favourite kinds of movies? Egs. drama, comedy, action

6. What is your educational background?

7. What kind of learner are you? ie do you learn best by reading, listening/hearing or doing? Another way of stating this: are you a visual, auditory or kinaesthetic learner?

8. Please write 7 to 10 sentences on one of the following: (a) your average week – what you do during a typical week or (b) your opinion of life in The Bahamas or (c) if you won the lottery for $5 million and you had to spend all of the money in 24 hours what would you do with it?




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